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Cashiers form an important part of our company. When we discuss the term 'cashier', it pertains to someone who receives and disburses money to customers at some store.

Job Duties

  • Transaction of money is the main responsibility of a cashier, though there are various other duties other than just giving and taking money. The first and foremost job duty is to maintain a cheerful attitude towards customers and clients. People entering the store must be greeted nicely. Then comes the receiving of checks, credit cards, vouchers, debit cards, and discount coupons. The cashier must be aware of handling these cards, and must be quick in response to the customer. Issuing slips, refunds, and change to the customers are also the responsibilities of a cashier.
  • Quick calculation abilities are important for cashiers. Their other duty is to count the money left in the drawer, before starting the shift for the day, so that, there are no discrepancies with respect to the transactions of that day. Here are some other responsibilities that cashiers care help accountable for.
  • Manage faster transactions when there is a rush at the counter during discount shopping seasons.
  • Be aware about the price of goods and materials, and use calculators and cash registers to maintain change.
  • Understand and try to resolve customer complaints. Answer queries regarding the customer's questions. Cash in the checks for the customers.
  • Weigh the items properly for selling purposes.

Educational Requirements

As such, there are no educational requirements for being a cashier, however, we may require some degrees. Generally, we look for candidates with a good background in mathematics. Good communication skills and knowledge of the Romanian, Russian and English languages are essential. An awareness about customer security and money safety are also essential. You must be good with numbers and people; that's the prerequisite for being a cashier. A high school degree in mathematics is essential to make a career in this field. There are various high schools that offer careers in vocational courses, related to this job. However, mostly they are hired and trained for some weeks to handle the job properly. They are also trained in handling cash registers.

Where to look for the Job

  • Our Company prefers cashiers with good work experience.

Working Conditions and Personality Skills

  • Cashiers who are employed in retail Store may have to work forty hours per week; however, most people work part-time. The working conditions can be good, as they are provided with a seat and nice ambiance. Some cashiers, may have to stand all through the shift. A pleasant and patient personality is the most important attribute required to be a cashier. He has to remain patient to deal with the large number of customers, who may often annoy them.


  • Cashiers are paid differently. Our Company pays more, while those in small firms are paid less. They are generally paid on part-time basis. After some work experience the salary increases.

So, if you have spare time, you can think of working as a cashier in our stores. Make sure you have patience to count sums of money. After all, you must feel happy doing the job. So, we are waiting for you to be part of our team.

Send your CV by clicking the button Send CV or call 078770461.

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