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Load planner (truck dispatcher) at „MC Carrier LLC”

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MC Carrier LLC (Las Vegas, NV) 
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Опыт работы от 1 года

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Load planner (truck dispatcher) Job description:

1. Arrange for Package Deliveries and Pickups:
Schedule deliveries and pickups of the loads in the most profitable and efficient way. Communicate with customers to arrange times for shipments to be picked up and schedule deliveries by creating a pre-determined route. Communicate with the truck drivers on a permanent basis to ensure proper fulfillment of the load plan. Make numerous changes to this route throughout the day as dictated by customer requests and shipment arrangements.

2. Create Shipping and Dispatch Documents
Maintain records of driver routes, delivery and pickup times, and truck repairs and maintenance as well as customer shipping schedules and complaints and maintain details of route changes. In addition, truck dispatchers might keep records of driver training sessions and CDL and other requirements.

3. Generate Freight Bills and Invoices
Create billing and invoice documents for shipments. Responsible for ensuring that drivers receive any necessary documents before making a pickup. Invoice customers for payment of shipment pickups and handle all issues regarding charges for these services.

The suitable candidate must have:
1. Perfect English;
2. Truck dispatching experience for at least 1 year;
3. Perfect communication and problem solving skills;
4. Strong PC knowledge.

Work schedule:
Mon - Fri : 15.00 - 00.00

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