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Head of Special Projects Division at „Viorica Cosmetic”

Viorica Cosmetic 
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ATTENTION: This is a unique and very rewarding opportunity for which only top-tier candidates are accepted – you must be young, ambitious, very smart, and extremely resourceful.

You will be responsible for creating a global e-commerce business based on re-branding and selling an innovative cosmetics product.

Viorica Cosmetic, the biggest producer of cosmetics and perfumery in the Republic of Moldova, has recently been acquired by a private investor and underwent an investment and renovation program. An innovative cosmetics product has recently been developed inside the company. Based on this invention, a separate online-first brand will be created and commercialized on a global scale (Western markets first), and we are looking for the right person to take this project forward.

Roughly, the work you would be doing on this project can be broken down into the following stages:

  1. Identify the target market precisely, conduct customer research within that market, and test the feasibility of the idea in an agile way.
  2. Product creation. With all the necessary help from Viorica's staff (designers, product managers, cosmetologists, sourcing department etc), create the new brand and cosmetics products based on already existing formulas
  3. Launch and grow online. Launch the brand and the products. Establish an e-commerce selling channel, figure out the logistics. Market the products online – use such instruments as influencers/bloggers, PPC, affiliates, PR, direct marketing.
  4. Expand into offline channels, such as department stores and duty-free shops.

Candidate requirements:

  • Resourceful
  • ‘Get things done’ type of mentality
  • Capable of strategic, analytical, and systemic thinking
  • Relevant knowledge and work experience, such as in the fields of business, sales, marketing, product management, IT and online.
  • Good knowledge of English, familiar with Western culture, well-travelled, preferably lived abroad at some stage

 This is an opportunity to start “a startup within a company”, making use of an existing know-how, collective experience and resources of a corporation, whilst maintaining independence and being well-motivated based on the result.

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