24hr Door and Frame Service

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Our company "24hr Door and Frame Service" provides services for the repair of automatic sliding doors, service, upgrade (replacement) of outdated and unusable drives. Our specialists have extensive experience.

An automatic sliding door is a complex dynamic design that requires technical inspection and adjustment once a quarter, or at least once every six months.
Failure to regularly service automatic doors is often the reason for the failure of expensive components, and most importantly, the safety system for the operation of automatic doors and, as a result, leads to serious financial costs on the part of the company operating the automatic door drive. In some cases, even a minor, undetected malfunction leads to serious breakdowns, and sometimes to human injury.
Do not forget that the entrance lobby is a visiting card of your building, and the general impression of visitors and clients about your company "24hr Door and Frame Service;" depends on the condition it is in.

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