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Midnight Works is a leading app development company located in Chisinau, Moldova with the team of skilled and dedicated professionals that work together to create exceptional experiences for worldwide iOS users. All ideas, concepts and final products are generated in-house, which creates unique independence for each employee and firm as a whole.

Blooming for over 5 years in the App Development and Marketing industry, our team of experts possess the finest combination of skills in marketing analytics, project management, code development, UI/UX design, app prototyping, strategy and various other verticals.

What is more important, all the app products are designed, built and promoted in-house. Passionate about the latest trends, tools, and frameworks, our company strives to take every app project to the next level, and we believe that creative thinking and collaborative approach to every step of development process delivers the best products.

Our Midnight Works family of more than 70 people works in a spacy office with organic flow of ideas and communication. Our team is young and perspective and looks for new creative and devoted people to help them realise their full potential.
Career perspectives and personal growth of every employee is one of the main goals of the firm.

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We are young, driven by passion and eager to meet and work with you.

Come, join us, we’re hiring!
E-mail: hr@midnight.works 


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