Publicat 03 August 2020

Leadership job opportunity at EcoVisio

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We are a diverse team with strong motivations, trying to make a change in ourselves and our region. Our organization is in a state of transition and we need some new perspectives. We are looking for a determined, resilient person to bring the best out of EcoVisio and fulfill the administrative function of Executive Director.

We are interested in your dynamic qualifications and not your CV.

If you already knew about us and wanted to be part of the team, or this announcement grabbed your attention, please respond to the following questions to apply@ecovisio.org by August 12. Please write “transition EcoVisio” in subject line.

1) After you look at our site, social media, youtube, etc, how would you describe our message, what would you change, or add to our mission? Which photo/visual resonates with you?

2) If you would join our transition, how would you see your role, what would be your first steps?

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