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With regard to what a retail sales associate job profile involves; they are representatives who are expected to generate sales by providing outstanding customer service, where customers are welcomed to shop at the store.

Our Company are expected to provide courteous and quality service to the customers.

The Duties

  • A sales associate should be able to connect well with people. Specific education, as such, is not required in order to perform this job. However, a brief exposure to conduct sales and services is a definite add-on. Nevertheless, periodic training may be provided in order to help the associate bag the necessary skills and successively excel at work.
  • Greeting the customer, attending to his needs, and building a loyal customer base are some of the duties of a sales associate. Patience is a prerequisite, and to make it to the top, you sure need it in ample measure. Why? Well, in a job that is meant 'for the people', you would have to deal with a few customers having an unpleasant disposition.
  • However, handling their throes with a pleasant demeanor is expected of you. On the other hand, you may also find yourself interacting with customers who are gentle and considerate. Thus, a congenial personality brimming with positivity is a plus.
  • The most successful sales associates are those who know how to portray their product. The job is to impress and not impose the product on the customer.
  • Being a retail sales associate, you ought to know the inside out of your sell. Your job involves a fair share of talking. You are the virtual spokesperson for the product at hand.
  • The sales associate has to be aware of any promotional offers and encourage the customer to avail discounts on the products promoted by the store. They have to be aware of the merchandise in the shop and arrange for stuff not available in the store.
  • Working under pressure, especially when sales are expected to peak, is part of the job. The nature of the job depends on the kind of store that employs the retail sales associate. For instance, a sales associate working in the cosmetics department of a store has to assist the buyer by providing tips on the kind of cosmetics that would be most suitable.
  • Besides, a sales associate job demands long working hours. It also means dedicating your weekends on the job. Approaching, and ongoing holiday seasons demand your presence, this being a peak period for most retail outlets.
  • Assisting customers to find what they are looking for, requires you to be up and about, and to be efficient in this sphere, you need to be comfortable in your shoes.
  • In addition to assisting customers and generating sales, the job profile of a retail sales associate includes making sales checks; receiving cash, checks, debit, and credit card payments; bagging purchases and giving receipts. They may be required to open and close cash registers and may be held responsible for the contents of their register.

Advancements and Career Prospects

  • Advancements depend on the ability of sales associate to market products. A good sales associate can become a retail store manager if employed in a large retail store. The larger the store, the better the prospects. Some retail stores hire college graduates as management trainees. Even if a college degree is not mandatory, it opens up many new opportunities.


  • The sales associate are paid differently. Our Company pays more, while those in small firms are paid less. We are generally paid on part-time basis. After some work experience the salary increases.

So, if you have spare time, you can think of working as a sales associate in our stores. Make sure you have patience to count sums of money. After all, you must feel happy doing the job. So, we are waiting for you to be part of our team.

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