Publicat 19 Septembrie 2020

Call Center Operator – Swedish company

ICS Samres South East SRL 
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Communicator. This position is responsible for consulting and taking good care of our clients in Sweden and for booking their transportation in a computer system.

Our clients call in and since they speak Swedish, the working language is Swedish. The employment at Samres therefore begins with an intensive language course with a duration of about 7 months, to learn Swedish.

The whole course including all course material is free of charge. Each student earns a monthly allowance of 4000 MDL(gross salary) during the course. Those who reach our target level of Swedish will be offered employment at competitive salaries.


  • To be able to succeed and enjoy the role as a communicator you need to be able to cope with stress well, be responsive to different customer needs and express yourself easily. It is important for us that you contribute to a positive setting at the work place and treat customers as well as colleagues in the best way. Past experience from the service sector will be to your advantage.
  • We admit candidates after testing their English skills as it is the language our teacher will use in the beginning

The Swedish company Samres AB (www.samres.se) operates in the service sector with coordination of special public transports in the northern European countries Sweden and Norway. Samres’ mission is to make it possible for  veryone to move around in our society.

At the moment we manage administration centres in Sweden, Moldova, Estonia and Senegal.

Education start: September 2018 Working hours during the Swedish course: Monday-Friday, 5 hours per day in the classroom + homework

Working hours after the Swedish course: Varied hours. Even late evenings and weekends (max 8 hours per day). You get your individual schedule at least one month in advance.

Monthly salary: from 8000 MDL gross salary + ambitious bonus when performing well.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova.
We look forward to receiving your application!


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