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Find My Bin is engaged in providing a service to determine the BIN of a bank card. We have been in business since 2016, and our office is located in Dallas. However, we give information to users all over the world. And to keep our database up to date, we are constantly developing and adding to it.

BIN (Bank Identification Number) - is a number that gives full information about the bank, it is part of the card number, and is used to identify the bank within the card payment system for authorization, processing and clearing.

Bank Identification Number (BIN) of a card consists of 6 digits, which begins any bank card number, i.e. Bank BIN is necessarily included in bank card number.

Bank cardholders need information about the BIN with different purposes, separate for each case. Each of the 6 figures of the BIN in the card number has its own specific meaning. The BIN gives complete and comprehensive information about the issuing bank and payment system it uses, i.e. it is a bank identifier of the issuer (bank) that issued the card. So what do these numbers mean?

The structure of BIN looks like this:

1. The first digit of BIN is a digit, which indicates the type of payment system, which serves the issued card and it can be as follows:

  • VISA - 4;
  • American Express - 3,
  • MasterCard - 5,
  • Maestro - 3, 5 or 6,
  • JCB International - 3,
  • China UnionPay - 6,
  • UEC - 7.

The format of the card number is regulated by ISO/IEC 7812-1 (issued by SWIFT).
2. The second to fourth digits are the bank number, which is formed by the payment system.
3. The fifth and sixth figures BIN - additional identifier of the product, assigned according to the category of the bank product, this value also allows you to determine by a number of additional attributes of the bank that issued the card.

BIN is used for inter-card transfers - to identify the bank within the card payment system for authorization, processing and clearing.


We have less than 10 developers in our team, and we have big plans to develop such a useful service for people. To do this, we are looking for a programmer to join our team. We are happy to register at Diez.md, and we hope to find the right person soon. We heard that there are some people in Moldova who would like to get experience in a foreign company and we are happy to provide such an opportunity. It is a cost savings for us and a great opportunity and experience for you.

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