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A Push Forward

Aroundwire is the marketplace of the future, where trust is the norm, not the exception. We aim to make doing business online more convenient and trustworthy. Our software is the next logical step in the development of the online marketplace for services and products. Welcome to e-commerce 3.0. 

Our story began in Los Angeles. We studied the way online business is done in California and all over the world and saw so many potential improvements that we could not resist building our own platform. Why do we, in 2021, still use search engines, make phone calls, look at review websites, e-mail quotes, and use several other tools for one single transaction, something as simple as getting our carpet cleaned? Why are there no major worldwide platforms that sell a wide variety of services? What improvements can we make to local transactions? 

We answered all of those questions and hundreds more. Then, we created and tested a new marketplace concept that was an instant hit among investors, potential consumers and focus group participants. We took traditional e-commerce, threw it out the window and started from scratch. We wrapped verified accounts, maps, secure payments, customer reputation metrics and unique communication tools in a beautiful social environment that enables you to do business online much like you would in real life. Our goal is to completely optimize the way the world does business online, and we will never stop innovating. 

What would you improve? With millions of online transactions per second, the world is ready for your ideas and contributions. New technologies have enabled us to forever change the world economy, and it is our duty to act. Our developers have the freedom to shape our features as we work hard to launch our platform and disrupt e-commerce forever.  

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