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Publish 08 July 2020

FinTech Vertical Expert at Startup Moldova

Tekwill  VIP 
Employment type:
Work experience more than 5 years

Job description

 Basic Functions:

The FinTech Expert will be responsible to provide expertise and management to innovative potential projects, bring actors together, develop roadmaps, and support fintech initiatives from an early stage. 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership, vision and provide overall technical and strategic direction for the implementation of all projects and programs components
  • Ensure that all proposed program objectives and targets are achieved in a timely manner
  • Ensure timely delivery of quality final products
  • Manage and interact with Fintech community and Fintech Companies to best match their needs and ideas
  • Identify key partnerships
  • Work on behalf of the community to present joint/new/existing projects and ideas
  • Oversee the development of program implementation plans, performance monitoring plans, and all required reports
  • Maintain coordination and collaborate with ICT Excellence Center project implementing partners, and other donors and investors involved in ICT sector development in Moldova, to coordinate efforts and share results.
  • Participate as a member of the tender evaluation committee for selection of vendors and recipients where required if applicable
  • Oversee programming and funding of interventions.

Specific Roles, Responsibilities, and Functions applicable to the SOW of Senior Project Coordinator

Oversee FinTech activities and ideas coming from the community and private sector.

Assist the FinTech community with expertise and connection between different actors and stakeholders in the field.

Supervise and manage the implementation of all activities planned,  scheduled and approved, including, but not limited to, drafting of Scopes of Work, drafting of RFPs, guiding and directing the work of consultants, implementing partners and volunteers, managing implementation so that it proceeds smoothly and according to schedule related to industry strategic partnerships, international markets, investment, and industry promotion activities.

Develop MoUs/Partnerships related to strategic industry development

Maintain a constant dialogue with main stakeholders on the market, define new partnerships

Report regularly to the Senior Project Coordinator, respectively if required to USAID/Sweden, where appropriate, regarding decisions to be made, activities are undertaken, and progress.

Report on FinTech related potential activities and initiatives

Compile proposals into portfolio requests.  

Other may be applicable


  • Min 10 years of relevant experience in designing and implementing FinTech related activities
  • Proven expertise and knowledge of the FinTech sector, national, regional, and international context.  
  • BSc or BA degree in information technologies, business, economics, or social sciences. 
  • Proven success in managing and leading the design of complex projects 
  • Fluency in English, Romanian and Russian


  • Project proposals, including project plans, budgets, etc
  • All projects related documentations
  • Any specific donor-driven procedures manuals
  • Reporting documentation required by Senior Project Coordinator
  • Any other documentation that is required for the best reach of the set forth results

To apply for the position, please send a cover letter and CV to the email: mnemciuc@ict.md, CC achirita@ict.md up to May 20, 2020  

Please, indicate - FinTech Vertical Expert at Startup Moldova, in the subject line.


About Tekwill Extension Project:

Tekwill has been designed as a national public-private partnership between the Government of Moldova, USAID, Microsoft, and IBM to answer the needs of the ICT industry to close the gap of the human capital shortage, as well as support the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. The initial goal of the projects to contribute to the extension of the Tekwill project as a sustainable network and deploy its programs on a regional/national level. The project aims at determining the operation mode of the network, determining business plans for the relevant created centers or partners in the regions, deploy scalable activities to connect an estimated of 150,000 people to ICT (school and university students, community, etc.), deploy entrepreneurship programs aiming at both scaling up existing programs, as well as create inclusive innovation platforms for the regions with their respective specifics and potential to absorb/apply ICT. We envision a minimum 10,000 beneficiaries/year for each direction (education and entrepreneurship) As a result of the project, 2 main outcomes of the project are expected: more and better-qualified skills and workforce developed leading to a stronger ICT industry in Moldova, as well as creating the premises for a Startup Moldova program driving opportunities for companies seeking capitalization.

The first phase of the project represented a USAID grant for Development matched by both cash and in-kind contributions of private and government partners that brought significant new resources, ideas, software, technologies, and development activities, such as training, practical assignments, and mentorship. Private partners included multinational companies, IBM and Microsoft, but also Information Technology and Communications Association (ATIC) members that are local Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies, while among government partners Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, e-Government Center and Technical University have provided their support. The Technical University of Moldova is hosting the first Center on its premises and has jointly invested resources for initial investment and maintenance costs during the startup phase.

Tekwill has been opened on March 15, 2017. During the 3 years of the project, Tekwill has completed or supported 188 educational initiatives, and 301 entrepreneurship initiatives, transforming Tekwill into one of the most successful initiatives in tech in Moldova. It has helped over 350 teams to reach better business, create opportunities, and seek investment. Altogether it trained and oriented over 35,000 people.

Startup Moldova intents to boost economic growth in Moldova, by providing employment through innovation, increasing the use of ICT and digital, support cross-sector collaboration and retain or create new jobs that are less likely to be outsourced.

Startup Moldova ensures infrastructure and programs that are in place to support digitalization and startup mindset to create a high standard of living for all. 

Main focus:

  • offer an insight into the startup ecosystem of Moldova
  • provide startups with funding opportunities
  • offer support, legal and fiscal information to startups and investors
  • give useful resources
  • link Moldova’s Startup Ecosystem with global opportunities (startup competitions, accelerators, funding organizations, etc.)

Tekwill project will serve as a facilitator in attracting and channeling other’s resources, creating connections, financing programs that can build the capacity of attracting seed funding to the startups. It will not act as a seed fund and will not benefit from any equity in the startups. The team will assist to attract seed funding, thus provide a whole screening and necessary specter of activities by need: education, business, marketing, tech, financial consulting, mentorship, acceleration program (3-6 months program with international expertise based on the previous track record of the team), connection to international markets, connection to investors, due diligence.

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