Publish 25 January 2020

Business Development Manager @ EBS Integrator

EBS Integrator  VIP 
Employment type:
Work experience more than 2 years

Job description

The Role:

We’re looking for a Business Development Manager to own our strategic customer base and be the face of EBS Integrator. We are interested in hiring a real team player who is ready to meet difficulties face to face, overcome barriers on the way to success, who wants to study technology and the art of sales, as to deliver valuable results to our customers. Working as a Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for selling the company's products and services across the world to ensure that consistent sales revenues are achieved.

You will take a leading role in identifying and building business relationships with new clients. If you have an IT background and enjoy developing new relationships, then you can be a right fit in our company.

What you are willing to offer:

  • Ability to solve challenging tasks;
  • Working towards the entire life cycle of the project;
  • Good planning and organizational skills;
  • Initiative, drive and enthusiasm;
  • Self-discipline and integrity;
  • Motivation to meet targets;
  • Excellent sales and negotiation skills.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Identify new sales opportunities and nurture existing client relations;
  • Provide accurate forecasts for annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams;
  • Account based sale activities such as sending quotes, negotiate sales prices and discounts;
  • Represent the company at conventions, trade fairs and networking events;
  • Collaborate with all internal teams in order to deliver excellent service to our clients.

What EBS Integrator can offer you

  • Relaxed yet productive working environment. We have open space offices, conference rooms for various meetings, parking spaces, a spacious kitchen equipped with unlimited access to water, tea and coffee. If you do not like cooking, you'll enjoy the choice of eateries you can find right next to our office.
  • You get easy access to recreational spaces and activities. When you want to make a small break, you can use the open air terrace or in the company's library, and play foosball.
  • Two-way communication is paramount to us. If you have any questions or expectations from the company, all you have to do is tell us what you need or what you'd like to see implemented. Our culture is to listen and to support each other, and we are always ready to encourage you and offer constructive feedback.
  • You get the opportunity to participate in the monthly training. Once a month we schedule a day when we share experiences or knowledge in the form of presentations prepared by several members of the teams appointed in advance.
  • We celebrate company's successes. We regularly organize corporate soirées, barbecues, pizza, football escapes, parties and other activities that help with team building, and enjoy together the triumphs achieved side by side.

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Business Development Manager @ EBS Integrator
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