Publish 28 July 2020

Recruitment Specialist @ Adm In Moldova

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We will not list the skills you need to possess, nor will we tell you what degree you have to have, because at the end of the day it’s not relevant. What matters is the person you are and what you can offer, if you’ve got the know-how of hunting great talents, believe us, it will be highly appreciated in our company.

As you read and understand this message, probably, you’ve figured out that you need, at least, an Intermediate English level. Likewise, some experience in the field is going to make a good impression on us.


Now if you wonder how things work around here, let us tell you that we hate office hierarchy and we do encourage fresh and innovative ideas from all our colleagues, including you (if you get to hop on Adm In Moldova board).


On a daily basis as a recruiter at Adm In Moldova, you will

  • identify new candidates while enjoying a cup of fresh made coffee
  • schedule job interviews with the already identified candidates
  • conduct scheduled job interviews with empathy and attention
  • attend meetings with your manager to evaluate your progress and to talk about your concerns
  • collaborate closely with our Employer Branding Specialist in order to develop our recruitment practices and techniques.  

P.S. Your daily tasks don’t always have to look like this. Just prove us to be a good specialist and you’ll have the freedom to organize your time as you consider appropriate. There is going to be just one condition - to work efficiently and to be result-oriented!


 If you got excited about this job position, please, send us your CV by clicking the button Send CV and come to your first interview. 

 As an employee at Adm In Moldova, we’ll expect you to be ready to learn, anticipate needs, set and achieve goals, take initiative, show rather than tell and participate at our team-buildings, movie nights and corporate parties as soon as possible.

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