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Summer Internship Programs - EBS Integrator

28-05-2020 Oportunități

Want to see your career start blooming? 

Choose one of our Summer Internships on Backend Development (Python, PHP, Node.js),  Frontend Development (React.js), and Mobile Development (Java, Kotlin, Flutter) and have the chance to get a long-term collaboration offer at the end of it.

Hurry up to apply by June 15 at hr@ebs-integrator.com

Internship information:

  • Internship Starts: 15th June;
  • Duration: 3 months;
  • Internship Type: Full-time, Online&Offline (EBS Integrator Office, 170th, Columna Street).

What In It For You?

  • Deepen your theoretical knowledge and accumulate hands-on experience;
  • Learn about software development best practices;
  • Interact with software engineers experienced in your area of interest;
  • Build knowledge and a foundation for a successful start in your career;
  • Get guidance and mentoring from professional software engineers;
  • Make new friends and extend your network;
  • Understand the environment and the organizational structure of an IT Company;
  • Discover “real world” projects.

Required Background:

  • Good programming skills, understanding of data structure and algorithms;
  • Basic understanding of OOP and FP patterns;
  • Basic experience with HTML/CSS and browser-specific problem;
  • Basic understanding of the web platform and the client-server architecture;
  • Willingness to learn new things at a rapid pace;
  • Adaptability to new languages, platforms, and frameworks;
  • Constant consideration for self-improvement;
  • Team orientation mindset.

Application Process

  • Send your resume at hr@ebs-integrator.com
  • Deadline for submission: 13th of June;
  • Participants will be selected based on a preliminary CV screening, technical assignment, and a technical interview.

Apply to our internship and join the future of software development.

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